Skid Steer Wrestlemania! Attachments That Pile-Drive Any Surface

Posted on: 26 April 2017

In the world of construction, there is always some deconstruction to be done. Attacking surfaces that need to be removed is a lot like wrestling; you are pile-driving into the concrete, cement, etc. with tools that help break down your "opponent." The most easily-maneuvered and multi-purpose piece of equipment is your skid steer and the numerous attachments that attack and break down any surface. 

Post Drivers

BAM! The driving and ramming force of a six-foot-six monster wrestler crossed with hydraulic power of a skid steer is realized in a post driver. This attachment delivers several pressurized tons of force through concrete or cement and straight into the layers of rock and soil below. It is also very helpful for delivering powerful blows to enormous rocks that are in the way of progress without having to use dynamite.

Trench Diggers

Who needs a "ditch witch" or "The Grave Digger" when you have a trench digger attachment for your skid steer? These attachments cut long trenches in the hardest dirt, scooping up and cupping soil for easy removal. You can dig several feet down and a trench that is several inches to several feet wide. The attachments work best on dry ground, but they can be used on wet, marshy areas and busted-up rubble too.

Hydraulic Augers

Cutting a giant hole in the ground with a hydraulic auger is like watching a combined spin kick and pile-drive move from a corner post. These augers are massive. They use your skid steer's hydraulics to power down into the ground, through ice, churning up rock and creating holes to access wells, sump pump systems, etc. The augers also act as debris field clearing tools because as they turn going downward, debris is sent up over the top of the hole.

Hydraulic Breakers with Your Choice of Drill Tips

Finally, you cannot break up asphalt without a hydraulic breaker attachment (a.k.a., jackhammer) and an asphalt breaker tip. It is like a judo chop to the base of the neck above the shoulder--it breaks the strongest points down and makes them weak. At the very least, having the hydraulic breaker lets you attack several layers of the hardest concrete, cement, rock, etc. The half-dozen or so drill tips are for specialty jobs, but you may want to have more than one tip in your work inventory just in case the job at hand requires something more forceful.

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