2 Types Of Routers To Use For Custom Woodwork

Posted on: 25 August 2017

Adding a profile to a piece of woodwork, cutting joints, or just adding detail to your woodwork can be achieved with the use of a router. There are two different types of routers that can be used for woodwork, a fixed base or lunge base routers.

#1 Fixed Base Router

Fixed base routers have a couple specific advantages to them. To start with, fixed base routers can provide you with a greater degree of control over your woodwork. With a fixed based router, your hands are positioned right over your woodwork, allowing you greater control of the cut of the router. Fixed base routers work really well for individuals who like to do freehand edgework on their woodwork.

Fixed base routers can also be really great for repetitive work. If you need to make a lot of similar cuts, you can easily set the depth of your router and allow your routers to cut away. The depth with not change. You have great control over the height and depth of your cuts when working with a fixed base router.

#2 Plunge Base Router

Plunge base routers have their own distinct advantages as well. When you put the bit into your plunge base router, you can lock the bit in place. This can provide you with increased stability and it can help ensure that your plunger base router makes really consistent cuts and holes as you work.

If you have to make really distinct, precise cuts, plunge base routers are great for that type of work. They are better for more precise work, whereas fixed base routers work better with free-hand style work. Specifically, plunge base routers are really great for making dadoes and mortises.

#3 Mixed Base Routers

If you want to take advantage of both fixed base routers and plunge base routers, a mixed base router kit can be a smart investment. It may cost a little more than a fixed base router or a plunge base router, but costs less than purchasing each type of router separately. It is a great way to get the precision control of a plunge base router and the more free-handed control that a fixed base router provides you with for your woodwork.

Think about the type of woodwork that you want to do and how much of a financial investment you are ready to make into your woodwork before you decide if a plunge base, fixed based or mixed base router is right for your construction equipment needs.