Expand Your Small Construction Business

Posted on: 18 January 2018

If you make and sell handcrafted wooden sheds and have been fairly successful in acquiring customers around town, hiring a few people to assist with constructing the sheds will allow you to expand your business and begin selling the sheds to people who live in neighboring towns. Prepare for the upcoming changes with your construction business by trying the following options.

Train Your Construction Crew

Interview candidates who have previously worked in the construction field. During each interview, discuss the type of sheds that you make and sell and the amount of time that it typically takes to complete each project.

Specify the hours that you would need crew members to work, the amount that you are willing to pay, and any tools that you will require your crew members to use to make each shed. After hiring a few crew members, train the individuals by demonstrating how to construct a shed and providing each person with the opportunity to help with each step.

Draw Up Blueprints And Provide Plenty Of Construction Supplies

Use a computer software program to assist with drawing up blueprints for the sheds. Provide each worker with one of the blueprints so that they can use the blueprints as guides while they are constructing each shed. Purchase or rent plenty of construction supplies, including power saws, ladders, and sawhorses.

If you need additional tools for your workers to use, create a list of what is needed before stopping by a tool outlet to buy the necessities. Require your workers to wear safety gear while completing each project. Place all of the construction materials, tools, and safety gear inside of a garage or one of the sheds that you built so that items can be collected at the beginning of each workday. 

Purchase An Additional Vehicle And Assign A Driver

If you currently own one truck that is used to haul workers and equipment around, investing in a second vehicle can be time saving and will allow you to complete more than one job each day. Purchase a heavy duty truck and assign one of your workers to drive it.

Tell your crew members about jobs that are coming up so that each person can plan ahead and will be aware of what is expected of them in the near future. After workers have collected work materials at the beginning of a shift, they can load up both vehicles with supplies and tools before getting started on a construction project. Contact a company, like Goodlett Equipment, Inc, for more help.