Your Questions Answered About Construction Equipment Rentals

Posted on: 10 March 2018

Providing construction services sometimes comes with the need of using equipment that isn't commonly needed. In such cases, buying equipment can be a wasted investment if it will sit unused for long periods of time. If you are currently trying to decide if you should move forward with purchasing a specific piece of equipment, consider renting what you need instead. There are a few benefits that comes along with choosing to rent rarely used construction equipment. Learn some of the important things that you should know about renting construction equipment.

Are There Time Limits for Rental Equipment?

The time in which construction equipment can be rented out depends on where it is obtained from. However, it is common for the equipment to be able to be used for as long as it is needed at the construction site. The key to keeping equipment for a specific amount of time without having to return it before you are done is to pay for enough time in the beginning. For instance, if you think that the equipment will only be needed for a month, try to rent it for a little longer in case you end up needing to keep it for a while. If you rental time happens to run out, there is the possibility of extending the rental agreement if it isn't already reserved by another customer.

Will the Equipment Have Any Defects?

You can expect rental construction equipment to be in good shape when it is obtained. However, being that the equipment has likely been used numerous times, it is possible for there to be defects present. You will be granted the privilege of inspecting the equipment before signing a rental agreement. If there are any problems noticed during the inspection, let the staff at the rental company know. The inspection is necessary because it can help you to avoid being charged with damaging the equipment when the problems were already there.

Who is Responsible for Transporting Equipment?

You will not be required to transport the rental equipment to your construction site. All you must do is choose a date and time preference for the equipment to be delivered on your behalf, and it will be done in a timely manner. The perk of using rental equipment is that you will also not be required to transport it after it is done being used. Not having to transport the equipment saves you money on fuel and time.