Installing A New HVAC System? How To Ensure Your Safety When Renting A Crane

Posted on: 26 November 2019

If you're going to install a new HVAC system that will require access to the roof or attic, don't go forward with the project until you hire a crane service. You may think that you have enough manpower to lift the HVAC system into place manually, but that's simply not the case. To provide maximum protection for your crew, the HVAC system, and the home, you need to have a crane service on hand. Here are four essential tips that will help you ensure crew safety while using the crane for the installation of your new HVAC system. 

Start With a Secure Rigging

If you're going to be using a crane for the installation of your new HVAC system, start with a secure rigging. You don't want any tipping to occur while your HVAC system is being lifted into place. First, ensure that your crane is positioned on a flat surface and that braces are securely in place. Second, adjust the rigging to account for the weight and size of your HVAC system. If the unit is off-balance, you run the risk that your crane will tip during the lift. It's also important that you assign someone to monitor balance throughout the lift. 

Identify Potential Hazards

If you've rented a crane for your HVAC installation, you'll want to identify all potential hazards in the area. Prior to the setup, make sure that your crane isn't near any overhead electrical wires or transformers. It's also important that you avoid setting up your crane near large trees. Finally, if you're going to be setting up your crane near a public sidewalk or street, be sure to provide safety warnings to passersby. 

Utilize a Second Crane

If you'll be installing an oversized HVAC system or you have a multistory home, you'll want to utilize a second crane. Utilizing a secondary crane will help secure the lift and offset the weight of the unit. The secondary crane will also provide additional stabilization for the extended lift that will be needed for your multistory installation. 

Don't Rush the Project

Finally, if you're going to be renting a crane for your HVAC installation, don't rush the project. Rushing a project that involves the use of a crane increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to move slowly and methodically throughout the installation of your HVAC system. To avoid issues with late fees on your rental agreement, rent your crane for one day longer than you think the project will last.

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