3 Advantages Of Using A Portable Concrete Delivery System

Posted on: 24 March 2020

Concrete placement hoppers, concrete bucket attachments, and other portable concrete delivery systems can be one of the best investments you ever make in your concrete company. These units are designed to give you more flexibility and portability at the job site, but they can also bring along a host of other advantages. Here is a look at some of the bigger advantages of using a portable concrete delivery system. 

Eliminate the hassle of hauling concrete bucket-by-bucket at a job site

When you can't get a truck pulled up to a concrete site due to the terrain or property restrictions, you may normally be left carrying concrete by the bucket or wheelbarrow load. Neither of these solutions is all that efficient and the physical labor of this process can be a challenge. When you invest in a portable concrete delivery system, you will be saving yourself a lot of hard, strenuous work. 

Keep the concrete in a pourable state without concerns

If you have issues with your concrete mixture starting to cure before you get it poured, it is definitely a good thing to look into the portable concrete delivery systems that have a hopper. These units keep the concrete in a fluid state inside of a hopper until it is used just like the truck. In areas where temperatures can play a huge role or it can take a long time to get concrete into an intricate design, these placement hoppers can be really helpful. 

Manage to get concrete to places that may otherwise be hard to reach

Some concrete delivery systems are actually self-driven and have their own motors; you do not have to use your own strength to push them to a pour site. This makes it really easy to get to places at a job site that may have otherwise been a real pain to get to with carried buckets of concrete mix. For example, a concrete buggy can be driven from the parked truck to a remote spot on a hillside where a patio is being placed behind a home. 

Reach Out to a Heavy Construction Equipment Supplier for Advice 

If you are in the concrete business, the tools and supplies you use can change everything about how you do your job. Reach out to a heavy equipment supplier in your area to find out more about concrete delivery systems that could benefit you and your business operation.