Keys for Renting a Mini-Excavator for a Temporary Construction Project

Posted on: 20 August 2020

Excavators are instrumental in a lot of construction tasks as they can dig and transport materials in an effective manner. If you have a small construction project that's temporary, you might want to rent a mini excavator. Completing this rental can be stress-free thanks to this rental protocol.

Review Lifting Capabilities

Excavators are great machines because of their lifting power, but there is a limit to how much weight they can handle at one time. So that you suffer no performance issues when using this machine, take some time looking at the ideal weight capacity. Think about the materials you'll be transporting around the work site. Once you figure out some rough totals, you can select a mini excavator that's powerful enough to handle each load. The operator won't have to second guess what they're doing or put the machine through excessive stress. 

Decide Between Operator and No-Operator

You know your temporary work project needs a mini-excavator, but who exactly will operate this machine? Working these details out before the rental arrives is important for having a smooth experience utilizing this practical machine. If you have someone with a lot of skills and prior experience using mini excavators, then you won't need to hire an operator. If you don't know anyone that's capable of working this machine, then you'll need to get some professional assistance. Oftentimes, the rental company you work with has operators standing by to assist in your time of need.

Select a Rental Time Period

Since you're not buying the mini excavator outright, it's important to think about how long you'll be using it for. Knowing this is crucial in completing the project that needs excavation, and not keeping the excavator longer than it's needed and wasting a lot of money. It helps to think about what you're using the mini excavator for and to also assess the scope of the project. If you're still not sure about the length of time to keep the rental, talk to the rental company directly and gather suggestions based on past projects they've helped with. These precautions will lead to an optimal rental period.

Luckily, mini excavators for rent are powerful, but not so big that they're too difficult to operate. If you plan on renting one for an upcoming work project, it's important to follow certain protocol as to avoid major issues. You then will have no regrets, even if this is your first time renting said equipment.