Construction Equipment Rental Considerations

Posted on: 5 July 2022

Many variables go into determining what type of commercial construction equipment to rent. Everything from earth-moving machines to sifters can be acquired through a rental outfitter. The size of a job, the weather conditions, and the areas of expertise may have a bearing on what type of equipment is secured.

The Job

The amount of manual labor that is available and the size of a worksite may have a bearing on how many commercial machines are rented and the overall size of the equipment. Leaving heavy-duty equipment unattended is not a smart business move. If there will not be a sufficient area to store machinery or if there isn't an adequate number of people to operate machinery, a construction worker may decide to conduct work in stages. They can rent one piece of machinery at a time and perform scheduled tasks with each one.

At the end of each stage, they will have the option of returning the equipment and picking up another piece of machinery that will be utilized during a subsequent stage. This will eliminate the need for indoor storage and will ensure that rental equipment remains damage-free.

The Weather

The weather could influence which type of equipment will be best suited for various outdoor tasks. If the terrain where a construction project is taking place is muddy, a customer may decide to rent a crane or an excavator that contains a track base, instead of choosing machinery that contains tires. Some types of construction equipment are better equipped for traversing across uneven, muddy terrain than others.

The order in which construction equipment is rented may also reflect upon the weather. For instance, if a paving project is going to be conducted, but the weather will not be suitable for using some types of machinery, a customer may complete other tasks until the weather is better suited for the use of specific types of machinery.

The Expertise

If a business owner does not have staff members who are qualified to operate a specific piece of machinery, they may want to seek services through a rental outfitter who supplies equipment and operators. Many pieces of heavy-duty equipment require that training is conducted, before becoming certified to operate machinery. A customer can select the machinery needed to perform a specific task and can reserve the services of a qualified operator. An operator can be hired for a single day or multiple days. 

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